Floral Wedding Hairstyles for a Boho Bride

floral hair styles for a boho bride

Flowers instantly add colour and texture to your chosen style and can really be a huge feature of your Wedding overall.

flower crown bride

Flower Crowns

If you are having a festival element to your Wedding and even opting for a tipi Wedding why not choose a flower crown. These beauties can be either understated and whimsical or blown out and oversized to make a statement. Consider pressing them after the big day to have a beautiful memory framed.


Add Foliage

If you are going for a millennial feel to your day why not opt for just foliage elements to your hair, the differing shades of green can be truly beautiful against any colour hair and provides effortless Boho-chic.

floral hair styles
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Wildflowers and Herbs

Another option is to opt for an undone ensemble of Wild flowers and herbs, these can be loosely arranged or wired to a comb and will compliment any loose undone style. The herb element can provide a beautiful added dimension with the scents they deliver.


If you don’t want to go for real flowers there are amazing options that are created from silk or even dried flowers that you can use again and again.

What would be your dream floral wedding hair style? comment below!

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