5 Braided Hairstyles for Brides


Braids are everywhere at the moment, be it on TV series such as Game of thrones with Khaleesi and her array of braided styles, to red carpet events where the likes of Blake Lively and Jessica Alba have rocked them. This trend has well and truly hit the Wedding world and lends itself perfectly to a bohemian chic affair.

The benefit of including a braid from a practical point of view is not only are they great on fine hair because you can pull them out and give the illusion of a lot more they are also brilliant for securely arranging really thick hair, consequently they provide a fabulous option for a party of Bridesmaids where everyone has different lengths and thickness to their hair.

1. Pulled Out Princess Braid

Our favourite braided style for Brides is the pulled out Princess Braid. This can be customised to sit down the middle of your back or be brought round the side. It can also be very structured or finished in a way that is very loose and whimsical. It can be accessorised with fresh flowers or jewelled clips and combs to provide very different overall looks.


2. The Braided Messy updo

The Braided messy updo is another very popular style for both Brides and their maids. They can be used to plait all the hair to one side that ends in a messy bun and provides a really pretty aspect from all angles or they can be used to customise a central messy bun by giving more dimension and texture to the front and sides.


3. Stacked Braid

A stacked braid is perfect for free spirits who want to achieve an ethereal heavily textured design. The combinations are endless with this option and is highly customisable to the Brides own style.

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4. Half up half down

The ever popular half up half down style is still a firm favourite in Bridal styling. A braid be it a fishtail, 3- strand or waterfall is a perfect way to finish the look and bring a festival boho vibe to any Wedding.

half up half down

5. The Crown

The Crown is not for the faint hearted but can provide a real presence of undone-chic. Soften this look by pulling out very fine curls from all around the head and accessorise with anything from a flower crown to loose foliage to butterflies or hair vines to create very different looks.

Jennifer Ashton